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A jester was a type of clown.

The trickster was a jester of the Kinda on Deva Loka. His role was to defuse situations of potential conflict. (TV: Kinda)

Death's Head unwittingly discovered the Seventh Doctor portraying a jester in a Brighton pantomime, but the Time Lord was able to get off stage before the robot mercenary could find him. (COMIC: Time Bomb!)

The Eighth Doctor claimed that Henry VIII mistook him for a jester. (AUDIO: Terror Firma)

On 17 June 1462, Radu the Handsome mistook the Fifth Doctor for a jester. (AUDIO: Son of the Dragon)

In 2009, Elijah Spellman told Sarah Jane Smith that mankind had always needed someone to make them laugh, slave or king. In Great Britain they had fools like the harlequin and, in the Middle Ages the jester. (PROSE: Day of the Clown)

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