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Jimmy Stone was a boy for whom Rose Tyler left school prior to sitting her A levels. At the time of the Auton invasion of London in March 2005, he had apparently not attained much success. As Rose said to the Auton version of Mickey Smith, "Look where he ended up." (TV: Rose)

Behind the scenes Edit

A non-narrative article written by Russell T Davies in the Doctor Who Annual 2006 gave further insight into Stone's character. According to this source, he was a twenty year old musician. After falling for Jimmy, Rose dumped Mickey, left school, moved out of home and lived with him in a bedsit. Their relationship ended in tears five months later and Rose was left £800 in debt, while Jimmy was in a camper van to Amsterdam with a woman called Noosh. He later ended up in prison and then started to work as a door-to-door salesman.

Nevertheless, this same article includes obvious contradictions with the television series about Rose's age, so its accuracy is dubious. Furthermore, none of its information has ever surfaced in an actual story in any medium.

Still the article offers evidence that Billie Piper pronounced this character's name incorrectly in Rose. She seems to clearly say Stones' in the episode, but both the broadcast and series 1 DVD subtitles have consistently maintained Stone's. Since this Annual article was written by RTD, author of Rose, it can be assumed that RTD intended Stone, but for some reason Piper mistakenly pronounced it as a plural.

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