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Jimmy Wicks
Species: Ganger, Human
Place of origin: Earth
Child: Adam Wicks
Appearances: TV: The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People
Main actor: Mark Bonnar
Jimmy Wicks was a Ganger cloned from the 22nd century Earth miner of the same name.

When the Gangers had the advantage and were ready to leave the humans to die, the Eleventh Doctor contacted Jimmy's son, Adam. Faced with his son, the Ganger realised he could not replace his counterpart as a father and went to free him. However, he found Jimmy fatally wounded by acid and was given the right to take care of Adam. Following the death of the original, Jimmy took his place, ensuring their son would not be without a father. (TV: The Almost People)

Behind the scenes Edit

The Ganger of Jimmy Wicks is both an ally and an enemy character in Doctor Who Legacy mobile game.

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