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First Pilot Jinkwa of the Nazmir was a Chelonian. A Fortean Flicker transported his troop to the planet Hogsumm. When General Fakrid was critically wounded, he transferred command to Jinkwa, whom he finally told was his son, before instructing him to ensure that the Seventh Doctor died. Seemingly thwarted of fulfilling this task when the ruined citadel the Doctor was inside exploded, Jinkwa turned his attentions to the "8:12s", a group of humans transported to the planet by the same Flicker. Attempting to eradicate the remaining humans using zarathion pellets, Jinkwa was amongst the Chelonians trapped when the Doctor was forced to put them in a slow time bubble. (PROSE: The Highest Science, AUDIO: The Highest Science)

Romana II eventually visited Hogsumm while trying to track down the Fortean Flicker. She was able to safely turn off the equipment creating the bubble and rescue the humans. Jinkwa then died from the injuries he had sustained previously. (PROSE: Happy Endings)