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Jirenal was part of a Sensopath trinity. His other two segments were Shanstra and Kelzen.

After being exiled from the far future, Jirenal's consciousness was the only one to remain in the same general timezone. He encountered the Pridka, whose minds he absorbed, using their bodies as slaves.

Unable to link with Kelzen because the Seventh Doctor had put her in the Zero Room, Shanstra focused on Jirenal. The two eventually mentally reunited. However, Shanstra did not want to share consciousness, but be the dominant personality in the triad. When Kelzen realised this, she distracted Shanstra through their mental link. This allowed her to be killed by Livewire, seeking revenge for Shanstra leaving her. Due to the Sensopath's connection, Jirenal and Kelzen died as well. (PROSE: Infinite Requiem)

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