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Joe Bean was the pilot of the cargo freighter the Spacehog in the New Earth System.

His engineer was originally Ben Roth, but when he died in a freak accident, Ben's wife Babe was left the job to raise her kids. When the Spacehog was attacked by Werelox, the Fourth Doctor forcibly allowed the ship to escape the grasp of the Dalek battlecraft's tractor beam. Joe survived laser fire from the attacking Werelox when they only "greased [his] gurney", while K9 Mark II and Babe stopped the Werelok attack.

After the Doctor cured himself of being infected by a Werelok scratch, the Spacehog arrived on New Earth, where the Doctor warned the system's President Wilson K. Wilson of the Werelox and the Daleks. When the Doctor departed for the battlecraft, Joe intended to ram the ship with the Spacehog, which was lined with explosives, as he did not believe the Doctor had much of a chance to stop the Daleks. He threw Babe and the stowaway Sharon Davies into the life pod to while there was still time for them to escape. Before he could attack the Dalek battlecraft, the Doctor froze it in one moment in space and time forever, causing the Spacehog to miss it. He later picked up Babe and Sharon. (COMIC: Doctor Who and the Dogs of Doom)