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Joe Buchanan was an abducted human who found himself on a prison ship disguised as a hotel. He was the first of his group to start worshipping the Minotaur. He had faith in luck, but he feared ventriloquist's dummies. His "cellmates" tied him up, and Joe remained in the room with the laughing pack of dummies for so long it drove him veritably insane. Afterwards, Joe succumbed to the influence of the Minotaur and entered a blissful trance, which made him change from fearing the dummies to thinking they were hilarious. When he was rescued by the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, and Rita, Joe didn't even have the volition to move around and had to be strapped to a chair and rolled into another room. However, he fell victim to the final stages of the Minotaur's control and it sought him out. Joe willingly allowed it to drain out his life force and died in one of the disorienting corridors of the hotel illusion. The Doctor found his body, and placed it on a small tribunal dedicated to those who had died in the God Complex, with Joe being the first. (TV: The God Complex)