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Joe Dakin was a human who believed he was from 1987 and who worked at Innovations Unlimited. In reality, he was from 2067 and had been hypnotised by the Master and sent back to 1987 to abduct babies for the Master's plan. Joe encountered the pigeon, which was really a Virgoan space probe. It recognised Joe as a temporal anomaly and transported him to 2067 into an old house that occupied the same space as his flat did in 1987. However, as Joe was still under the influence of the Master's hypnosis, he was confused. He was sent back to 1987, but along with Ace was again transported back to 2067. The Seventh Doctor sent him and Ace back to 1987 to help defeat the Master, but the Master's hypnotism asserted itself and Joe attempted to kidnap a baby in this time. Ace rescued the baby from him. When the Master was defeated, Joe was restored to his original time. (PROSE: Stop the Pigeon)