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John Angus Mackay was Professor Edward Travers' companion on his expedition to the Himalayas in 1935. He was killed by a robot yeti when they were sleeping in their camp. Travers caught a glimpse of the furry creature, which led him to believe the Second Doctor (wearing his giant shaggy coat) murdered John. (TV: The Abominable Snowmen)

In an alternate version of Earth, John survived the expedition in the Himalayas and Travers did not. (PROSE: The Schizoid Earth)

Behind the scenes Edit

The character is named John in the television episodes, and is given the surname Mackay in the novelisation. In the novelisation of The Web of Fear he is given the name Angus Mackay. The Schizoid Earth merges the two, making his full name John Angus Mackay.