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John Breslin portrayed Captain Jimmy Munro in the Doctor Who story Spearhead from Space.

Born John Patrick Breslin in Glasgow, Scotland, he spoke five languages: English, French, German, Italian, and Latin, and he dubbed the voice of actor Steve Reeves in some of his 1960s Italian films.

Breslin learned piano from composer Frederic Lamond. Lamond, also born in Glasgow, was one of the last pupils of composers Franz Liszt and Richard Wagner.

He started studying acting at the age of 15 in Glasgow with John Fraser, who was his schoolmate. He trained in acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts where Valerie Hobson and Charles Laughton were his teachers. He worked as a rehearsal actor and dialect advisor with actors like Gregory Peck, Peter Finch, Peter O'Toole and James MacArthur.

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