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John Crockett (31 January 1918-11 October 1986) directed the episode, "The Wall of Lies", the fourth episode of Marco Polo and the entire serial, The Aztecs.

He enjoyed his experience on historical Doctor Who episodes so much that he submitted story ideas to story editor David Whitaker. Though it's unclear whether his suggestions prompted any production, many of his ideas were in fact produced — mostly during the Hartnell era.

Medium Crockett's idea Story produced
ProducedTelevisionRichard I and the Crusades[1]The Crusade
Viking raids on Britain[1]The Time Meddler
Cornish smugglers[1]The Smugglers
Bonnie Prince Charlie[1]The Highlanders
AudioBoadicea[1] The Wrath of the Iceni
Francis Drake and the Spanish Armada[1] The Flames of Cadiz
Unproduced[2]the Peasants' Revolt[1]
Australian convict settlement[3]
UnknownRomans in Britain[3][4]
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  4. This is such a broad notion, it's unclear what he might have meant by it. The Wrath of the Iceni deals with "Romans in Britain", so it might be said to be the production of this idea.

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