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You may be looking for the Unbound version of Dee.

John Dee was an astronomer and confidante to Queen Elizabeth I. According to the Sixth Doctor, he was a man of both science and superstition. (PROSE: Mortlake) According to one source, Dee was actually the immortal Jared Khan, who was hunting the Seventh Doctor. (PROSE: Birthright)

The Sixth Doctor and Evelyn Smythe met Dee in 1568 at his mother's home in Mortlake. Using an incantation in The Steganographia, Dee summoned Padiel, a hyper-intelligent communications avatar used by the inhabitants of Sintra. The Doctor convinced Dee his ritual hadn't worked, and swapped the book for one with a harmless version of the incantation.

Later, Evelyn wrote a book about Dee, The Merlin of Mortlake: The Life and Talents of Dr John Dee. (PROSE: Mortlake)

To resolve a temporal paradox, the Seventh Doctor and Ace kidnapped John Dee and Edward Kelley in 1568 and left them in 848983. There, Dee and Kelley worked for Uriel to create an SOS using the abandoned streets of Prague. In 848988, earlier versions of the Doctor and Ace saw the SOS and came to the rescue. Uriel took the TARDIS, forcing the Doctor and Ace out with Dee and Kelley in 848983. Shortly, the older Doctor and Ace arrived and swapped out the older Dee and Kelley for the younger versions, then brought the older versions back to 1568. (PROSE: Sunday Afternoon, AD 848,988)

The Sixth Doctor and Peri met Dee in 1572. (PROSE: A Handful of Stardust)

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