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John Jones was a humanoid chameleon who worked as a pop musician in London during the 1960s, and a companion of the Eleventh Doctor.

Biology Edit

The Eleventh Doctor studied Jones using his sonic screwdriver. He found out that his electro-magnetic readings were constantly shifting. The Doctor called him an aberration and explained that his cells reacted to the light constantly changing, that his talent was that he was a chameleon. (COMIC: What He Wants...)

Biography Edit

Jones followed Alice Obiefune and the Eleventh Doctor out of Dog & Duck club after his first concert in 1962 to confront them about their negative thoughts on his music. He sneaked into the TARDIS unnoticed and was transported to the Mississippi Delta in 1931. There he helped Alice and Robert Johnson, a legendary blues singer save the Doctor from the Talent Scout by sneaking unnoticed past a mob of people possessed by the Talent Scout.

After their successful rescue, Robert Johnson gave Jones guitar lessons. (COMIC: What He Wants...)

Legacy Edit

Following his death, the Doctor and Alice attended Jones' funeral. (COMIC: Remembrance)

Plex owned a collection of bootleg John Jones vinyls. (COMIC: The Promise)

Appearance Edit

As a chameleon, Jones' true appearance was impossible to say, as he routinely revamped himself. He once said to Alice, "The look I got from that last planet was ace. Takes time to glam meself up like that. I'm an artist." (COMIC: Space in Dimension Relative and Time)

  • When he first met the Doctor and Alice, he had a relatively young adult with brown hair and grey eyes. (COMIC: What He Wants...)
John Jones

One of Jones's many appearances. (COMIC: The Rise and Fall

Behind the scenes Edit

The character of Jones was inspired by real-life musician David Bowie. Bowie's birth name was David Jones. The title of his album Abanazar's Madness is an antonymisation of Bowie's Aladdin Sane, and the covers of the albums both feature the respective artist with red hair, closed eyes and paint on the face. Similarly, the aliases as the chameleon of pop, the Tall Pale Earl and Xavi Moonburst are similar to Bowie's aliases and characters as the chameleon of rock, the Thin White Duke and Ziggy Stardust, respectively.[source needed]

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