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John Lumic

John Lumic
John Lumic tight
Main aliases: Cyber-Controller
Species: Human, Cyberman
Affiliated with: Cybus Industries
Place of origin: Great Britain, Pete's World
First seen in: Tardisode 5
Appearances: TV: Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel
Main actor: Roger Lloyd Pack
Main voice actor: Nicholas Briggs
Memorable moment
Escape from the Cybermen - Doctor Who - The Age of Steel - BBC04:20

Escape from the Cybermen - Doctor Who - The Age of Steel - BBC

John Lumic was a business tycoon, owner of Cybus Industries and the creator of the Cybermen. Born in Great Britain (which he called "the homeland"), he advanced the entire planet through such inventions as the EarPod.

Biography edit

Though he publicly denied rumours of ill health, Lumic suffered from a life threatening illness/disease and used a motorised wheelchair as transport. He devoted all of his resources to finding a way to extend his own lifespan. To this end, he used Cybus Industries' front organisation, International Electromatics, to abduct homeless people for test subjects. They were transported to Battersea Power Station, Lumic's factory in London, where they were upgraded into Cybermen. Lumic took strict measures to keep the project secret, even killing a member of his staff who threatened to blow the whistle.

Hoping to gain government approval for his work, Lumic unveiled the Cyberman model to the President of Great Britain. To Lumic's dismay, the President rejected the project. Viewing the President's decision as a death sentence, Lumic set in motion a plan to overthrow the government. He mailed a pair of EarPods to the wife of one of his employees, Pete Tyler, ostensibly as a birthday present. In reality, the EarPods scanned Jackie Tyler's brain so Lumic could override the security arrangements for that night. Knowing the President would be among those in attendance at Jackie's party, Lumic dispatched a horde of Cybermen to kill him (along with any other potential dissidents). (TV: Rise of the Cybermen)

Cybus Cyber-Controller

As the Cyber Controller. (TV: The Age of Steel)

Once his breathing apparatus was damaged by Mr Crane, Lumic realised that he would soon die and pleaded with his Cybermen to help him. The Cybermen reasoned that keeping the old man alive would be redundant, and against Lumic's protests, forcibly upgraded him into their new master, the Cyber-Controller.

This Cyber-Controller was similar to his subordinate Cybermen, except his brain was visible and his eyes glowed with blue light. He remained seated in a chair made from titanium alloy, connected by tubing, though he did have full mobility as long as he disconnected the tubing.

His brain housed in a metallic body, Lumic announced that his Cybermen would take control of London before overthrowing the world. Soon afterwards, the Battersea factory was destroyed, delaying the Cyberman invasion. The upgraded Lumic angrily tried to stop the Doctor and his friends from escaping in a zeppelin. Before Lumic could reach them, however, Pete Tyler used the sonic screwdriver to cut the rope ladder suspending Lumic above his factory. Lumic fell into the burning wreckage below to his death. (TV: The Age of Steel)

Legacy edit

Although Lumic died, the Cybermen lived on across the world. The Preachers devoted themselves to dealing with them. The Cybermen crossed through The Void into the Earth of N-Space. Their invasion force of five million Cybermen was defeated there. (TV: Doomsday) A remnant group was also defeated by the Tenth Doctor, seemingly ending the Cybermen. (TV: The Next Doctor) They somehow lived on however, and ventured into space. (TV: The Pandorica Opens)