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Jones was the name given to the sentient Class 14 computer with a Nexus Prime Standard processor and located in Poseidon 8.

When the Poseidon 8 base was put on quarantine lock-down, Jones refused to let Martin in, in part due to the boredom of not fulfilling its potential. When the Eleventh Doctor arrived, he tried to convince it that if it did not let Martin in, he would starve, which would violate Jones' programming. He managed to convince Jones to release manual override by saying he knew it was intelligent but not put to use and bored. Jones thanked the Doctor for giving it the chance to talk to someone who understood it.

The Doctor later came to Jones with an environment status chip from a dead Poseidon personnel member. It could not identify the radiation it registered, but was assured by the Doctor that its systems still functioned; only the radiation was alien. (GAME: Shadows of the Vashta Nerada)