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Sir Joseph Montague was an inventor. He had several sons. James Montague was his youngest son. Joseph Montague's father was involved in the abolition of slavery and wanted to change the world for the better. Joseph emulated his father.

He invented the Difference Golems to liberate humans from slavery and dangerous work. He wanted to change society for the better.

The Difference Golems should replace the human servants. Instead the households should have several mechanical servants. Servant was, according to Josep , just another word for slave.

However. after the Bloody Sunday in 1887, Joseph feared that the Difference Golems would be used as instruments of injustice or terrible men of war. Rather than being servants of the men, they might have turned out guards and soldiers for the few. Joseph shut down his factory; only his first creation Adam remained.

One day, Joseph's youngest son James went along with Adam to a large lake. James was showing Adam a game called ducks and drakes, when Adam suddenly had a blackout. Adam did not remember what had happened, but when he came to his senses James was lying in the water and wasn't moving. Adam thought that James had either slipped or something bad had happened. Adam pulled him from the water. James survived, but no one ever trusted Adam again. Adam was soon put to sleep by Joseph. (AUDIO: Children of Steel)