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Josh Carter
Josh Carter
Main aliases: William Bradly
Species: Human
Job: Soldier
Affiliated with: UNIT
Place of origin: Earth
First seen in: Vanguard
Other appearances: AUDIO: Earthfall, Bridgehead, Armageddon, Power Cell, Death in Geneva, The Battle of the Tower, Ice Station Alpha
Main voice actor: James Joyce

Joshua "Josh" Carter was a member of UNIT under Kate Stewart's leadership.


Carter studied Electrical Engineering. (AUDIO: Armageddon)

Carter didn't complete his training at Sandhurst Military School, Colonel Shindi noted that he had a reputation at Sandhurst for being "disruptive, ill-disiplined, [and] question[ing] authority." Carter claimed that liked to test the boundaries and think outside the box. Upon his recruitment to UNIT Carter had several clashes with the Colonel over his personality. (AUDIO: Vanguard)

Kate sent him on a search to find the Autons in the UK after he was concerned about Osgood going on a field mission. (AUDIO: Earthfall) He went undercover as a Devlin Futuretech employee to get more information. He saved Jacqui McGee from being killed by an Auton. He then, with the help of Osgood, to hack the mainframe and stop the Nestene from combining. Simon Devlin then converted him into an Auton-like creature. (AUDIO: Bridgehead) The Nestene Consciousness planned to use him to destroy UNIT. Osgood managed to overcome this control. He gained super strength allowing him to bend metal a couple of inches thick. (AUDIO: Armageddon)

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