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Jubal Eustace was a Confederate States of America colonel. Tasked with capturing runaway slaves, he was, according to Philip LeVal, especially harsh to them, but had an extraordinary record of military service.

Because Paul LeVal was unenthusiastic about the Southern cause, and was essentially pressed into CSA service, his father pulled strings and had Paul transferred to Eustace's command. The hope was that Paul might be able to emerge with greater discipline and greater affinity for the Southern cause. Philip's hopes were never realised, even though Paul did rise to become Eustace's chief adjutant. Ironically, Eustace's lieutenant remained anti-slavery throughout the war.

Peri and Erimem had unpleasant dealings with Eustace. He was especially cruel in his treatment of the Egyptian Pharaoh. Eventually, Jubal's behaviour became so reprehensible towards Erimem that Peri killed him in order to save her life. Though she may not have been aiming for the colonel, she nevertheless shot him directly through the skull. The event traumatised her, even haunted her, but Erimem tried to console the American with the notion that the death had genuinely saved her life.

Erimem eulogised Eustace thus:

"He was an evil man. He enjoyed hurting people and he took pleasure in killing them. He did not fight in the war because he believed in his country. He fought so that he could hurt and kill as much as he wanted." (PROSE: Blood and Hope)