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Jubilee Pizza was an international convenience food chain serving pizza operating on Earth in the early 21st century.

History Edit

The Cardiff branch of Jubilee Pizza enjoyed the regular custom of Torchwood Three, which had an account in the name of "Torchwood", courtesy of Owen Harper. Gwen Cooper impersonated a delivery person to enter the Hub for the first time, though her true identity was known all along. (TV: Everything Changes)

Ianto Jones owned some money-off coupons for Jubilee Pizza. (PROSE: Another Life)

On a later occasion, a delivery girl, Annie Botchwell, had her brain extracted by the partially-converted Cyberman Lisa Hallett. Hallett intended to implant her own brain. The girl was shot multiple times by the Torchwood staff. (TV: Cyberwoman)

Gwen brought pizza to the hub to have with the team even after being told to go home. (TV: Combat)

A second Cardiff branch existed at Queens Arcade shopping centre. (COMIC: Rift War!)

In 2008, Ianto rang Jubilee Pizza while aboard the SkyPuncher, which was falling out of the sky. (AUDIO: Fall to Earth)

DW SG Jubilee Pizza

Craig Owens reads a leaflet. (TV: The Lodger)

Craig Owens had a leaflet from Jubilee Pizza. (TV: The Lodger)

Gwen Cooper hid her looted drugs in Jubilee pizza boxes. (TV: The Gathering)

Pizzas from the Utah branch of Jubilee Pizza were eaten at the GeoComTex Vault on at least one occasion, as pizza boxes were said to be seen in the outer area of the Metaltron Cage. (TV: Dalek)

There was a Jubilee Pizza in the Frenko Bazaar. (COMIC: Bazaar Adventures)

Behind the scenes Edit