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Julie McHaffie is an Emmy Award-winning hairstylist. She is the only person so credited in Doctor Who history, thanks to her work on Doctor Who (1996). She is also unique for being the only person to work on The X-Files, Stargate SG-1 and Doctor Who. She has worked on Freddy vs. Jason, X-Men: The Last Stand, Time Cop and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Despite her significant "genre" credits, her career, which began in the early 1990s, has seen her tackle a wide variety of film and television projects. Amongst her non-genre theatrical work has been Stealing Sinatra, Suddenly Naked, Dudley Do-Right, Eight Below, Good Luck Chuck, and the 2011 film, Red Riding Hood.

She has split her time between theatrical and televisual projects. Her most notable accomplishment on television is the highly acclaimed 2002 telemovie, Door to Door, for which she received a Primetime Emmy in the category of "Outstanding Hairstyling for a Miniseries, Movie or a Special".

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