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Julius Silverstein was a wealthy Jewish businessman and collector of rare artefacts with his own private museum. He purchased a deactivated robot Yeti from Professor Edward Travers, who had acquired it in Tibet in 1935. Forty years later, Travers — having succeeded in reactivating a Yeti control sphere which later vanished — went to Silverstein and requested that he return the Yeti, warning him of the danger. However, Silverstein refused to listen.

After Travers left, Silverstein started to blow out the candles, but heard a window break. Silverstein thought it was Travers, but unknown to him, it was the reactivated control sphere. He went to investigate, but was murdered by the reactivated Yeti. (TV: The Web of Fear)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • The character was named Emil Julius in the novelisation in order to remove the offensive Jewish stereotype.

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