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The Juniper Tree was a type of space probe, creating life to explore new planets. Humans named it after the juniper bushes where babies were found in folklore.

Abilities Edit

The Juniper Tree looked like a massive, twining plant. It could grow with little sunlight and some mulch and would constantly grow shoots, which the people of Rawbone called "stink thistles".

The Juniper Tree was used as way to explore the universe. A seed would land on a planet, grow and develop. It could create lifeforms that could live on the planet and interact with the inhabitants. These lifeforms were grown in pods and could even create clothing. The secretions of the Juniper Tree could heal the creations. The Juniper Tree could also contact the home planet of the aliens, acting as a receiver for them. (PROSE: First Born)

History Edit

In the late 20th century a Juniper Tree seed landed on Earth and was found by the British Government. When they learned that the Juniper Tree could create synthetic life, the Juniper Project was started to make an army of soldiers. In 1981, the first Scion, Sebastian, was created. Though superior to a human, Sebastian had no killing instinct and was considered a failure. In 1991, Jack Harkness moved the project and the Juniper Tree to Rawbone, where they started creating Scions as children for the town. They also developed a way to contact the tree itself, though they never used it.

In 2011, Gwen Cooper, Rhys Williams and Anwen Williams came to Rawbone while on the run. The presence of a human baby disturbed the town, turning them against the Scions. The leaders of the Juniper Project decided to accelerate the schedule, activating a second Sebastian. This Sebastian was a killer and took command of the Scions to use as soldiers. Eloise and Gwen contacted the original creators using the Juniper Tree when they were interrupted by Sebastian. He believed that they would be proud of his soldiers, but they were appalled. He tried to create more Scions, but the aliens killed them and the plant to stop him. (PROSE: First Born)

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