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Junk-Yard Demon (comic story)

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Junk-Yard Demon
DWM 508 Junkyard Deamon Sleeping Cyberman
Doctor: Fourth Doctor
Main enemy: The Cybermen
Key crew
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Steve Parkhouse
Artist: Mike McMahon / Adolfo Buylla
Release details
Printed in: Doctor Who Monthly 58-59
Release date: November - December 1981
Format: Comic - 2 parts
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Junk-Yard Demon duology
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Junk-Yard Demon was a Fourth Doctor comic strip released in Doctor Who Magazine.

Summary Edit

Interstellar scrap dealers have a lucrative business reprogramming dormant Cybermen into domestic servants, until one prematurely awakens and steals the Doctor's TARDIS.

Plot Edit


Junk-Yard Demon

While the Fourth Doctor meditates, the free-floating TARDIS is scooped up by a junk-collecting spaceship, Drifter, piloted by scrap merchants Flotsam and Jetsam and their windmill-powered robot, Dutch, who tries unsuccessfully to break down the TARDIS for scrap. The Doctor is woken by the noise of a drill and emerges peeved at the disturbance, and annoyed to find a dormant Cyberman amongst their collection of galactic scrap.

Flotsam and Jetsam have a lucrative side business collecting inert Cybermen, reprogramming them and selling them as butlers to rich folk all over the galaxy. The Doctor accidentally re-activates the Cyberman, who steals the TARDIS with Jetsam inside. As the Doctor, Flotsam and Dutch track the TARDIS in the Drifter, the Cyberman pilots the TARDIS to remote planet AS4, at the site of the wrecked command ship of a long-lost Cyberfleet.

The Cyberman orders Jetsam to restore his long-inactive leader Zogron to function, with the ambition of rebuilding a Cyber-army that would rule time and space via the TARDIS. Jetsam does what he does best, reactivating Zogron, who then infuriates the Cyberman by offering him either a before-dinner sherry or a gin and tonic. The Drifter lands nearby, and Dutch destroys the Cyberman by coating it in quick-setting polymer paint. As Flotsam and Jetsam eagerly ponder the plunder available in the wrecked Cyberships, the Doctor leaves in the TARDIS, hoping they never find any Daleks...

Characters Edit

References Edit

  • The Cyberman has the ability to absorb blasts of energy weapons and re-direct them back at the attacker.

Notes Edit

  • The Doctor wears his burgundy-hued outfit from Season 18.

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