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Justin was one of the ground crew at Mission Control during the Apollo 11 mission in 1969. The Tenth Doctor said of this team: "It's Neil and Buzz that land on the Moon and plant the flag and play golf, but without all these wonderful people down here... Without these unsung heroes, none of it [...] will happen." On 16 July, when Justin picked up an untraceable transmission separate to that being received from Apollo 11, Mission Commander Cliff Boxworth asked him to put it on the speakers. The Doctor recognised the transmission as the language of an alien species. The Secret Service agents, Spencer and Milledge, took charge of this attempted first contact under protocols from Revised Project Blue Book.

The next day, when the Doctor dragged Spencer and Milledge, into the control room, he pointed out the wasted potential that was caused by the secret service taking over, saying, "Look at these people. Look at every single face here: Justin, Sean, David, Dan, Colin, Jake, Trevor, Barney... Each one of these people whose only motivation is to test the limits of what humanity can achieve. Imagine what could have happened if you had left them to it. If it was one of these men that had received the message once Apollo had landed." He also said, "Who knows, if it had been one of these people", rather than Spencer or Milledge that caught the alien transmission, "first contact might have unified the world." Escaping being shot at by the agents, the Doctor asked Justin to turn up the transmission so he could record it on a dictaphone. He did so anyway, not knowing if it was the right thing to do. Once the recording was made, the Doctor surrendered himself and was detained by the agents, along with Justin for aiding and abetting him.

On 20 July, while the agents were too busy monitoring the Moon landing, Cliff broke the Doctor out of prison and showed the Doctor the back exit. Before leaving, the Doctor explained his plan with the dictaphone to Cliff and Justin; the recording had an alien language on it. He intended to feed it through the TARDIS' "very sophisticated translation computer", which would create a visualisation of the sounds. The Doctor would then place the visualisation where the aliens would see it. On the Moon, the Doctor asked the aliens to leave, telling them that humanity needed to find their own way. With no trace of the aliens on the broadcast of the Moon landing, the agents had no choice but to let Cliff and Justin go. (PROSE: Blue Moon)