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K9 and the Beasts of Vega was a novel written by Dave Martin. It featured K9 Mark I.

Publisher's summary Edit

Outside, the space ship was surrounded by hordes of evil beasts — a mass of fangs, jaws and lashing tails. The shadowy monsters loom over the ship, attacking from all sides. Sounds of panic and screaming ring out everywhere. Only K9 keeps his usual calm.

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  • This is the second of four illustrated children's storybooks written by David Martin, co-creator of K9.
  • A one-page "primer" on K9's history references his creation by Professor Marius, and the fact that he was later improved by "Time Lord Theta Sigma", aka the Doctor — a possible attempt at assigning a "real name" to the Doctor.
  • K9 continues to pilot the vessel K-NEL which was assigned to him in the previous book.

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