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On the official K9 website there were character profiles of K9 Mark 2, Professor Alistair Gryffen, Starkey, Jorjie Turner, Darius, June Turner, Drake and Thorne. Furthermore the following aliens were introduced: Jixen, Korven, Meron, the bounty hunter, Aeolian and Oroborus. Next to this the viewers could find an episode guide with summaries and pictures of the episodes. In the video part of the website, two short videos (opening titles and series trailer) were shown. The viewers were also informed about new products, which could be bought in the shop of the website. Furthermore they could built their own paper K9. Next to this links to other K9 and Doctor Who related websites were shown. On the website the also was a news section, where information about the broadcast, short text about the behind the scenes, Christmas greetings and news about new products and merchandise articles were posted.

Since the website has launched in 2010, it hasn't changed much until the middle of 2015. The episode guide, character profiles, alien profiles, videos and links on the website remained the same. The shop was updated with DVDs, the K9 official collector's figurine, four K9 Art Lithographs and several K9 related books. The news section which appeared on the first website was updated more often with news about the series and related products, Christmas greetings etc.

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