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The Kalarians were a race of fish-like humanoids from Kalaya.

Biology Edit

Kalarians were tall humanoids with bright pink skin (which would turn white with age), deep black eyes, lipless mouths, no noses and three webbed fingers on each hand. They also had white hair which was lost as they aged.

Kalarians seemed to have a similar brain structure to the Ockorans. (PROSE: The Final Sanction)

History Edit

At one point in their history, the Kalarians discovered Ockora. They chose to colonise the planet, and set up hundreds of tourist attractions on the planet. They also hunted the Ockorans, believing that they weren't intelligent. After too many Ockorans were lost, they fought back, developing battlesuits to do so. They eventually drove the Kalarians off the planet and by the early 22nd century they had conquered Kalaya.

During the war with the humans, the Selachian Empire was forced back to Kalaya to make a final stand. When they were beaten back again, they took several thousand Kalarian prisoners back to Ockora. These prisoners were all killed when General Wayne Redfern dropped the G-bomb on Ockora. (PROSE: The Final Sanction)

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