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We don't know the name of this thing.

But we do know where it came from. So we're using that to title the page logically. If you know a better, more precise name, tell us.

Kaldarean Bedmites were a species K9 Mark I knew of. They were an average of thirty metres in height at birth.

When K9 Mark 2 said that the amount of Jixen pheromones on a piece of mucus was enough to cover a Kaldarean bedmite, Jorjie Turner thought it wasn't very impressive. When K9 revealed their size, she joked about never having a sleepover on Kaldarea. (TV: The Last Precinct)

Behind the scenes Edit

The Kaldarean bedmite is used simply for a joke in The Last Precinct. Jorjie only mentioned the planet after K9 referenced the bedmite. Thus Kaldarean bedmite may only be a demonym rather than a proper planet name.

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