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The Kandy Kitchen was located on the human colony of Terra Alpha.

Construction Edit

The industrial Kitchen had black and white patterned walls, with copper pans suitable for sweet making and large cookers and stoves. There were gears and lever used to divert the candy to the execution area and various places around the colony Via the candy pipes. Two Barber's Chairs situated to the side of the Kitchen were used by the Kandyman for interrogation. (TV: The Happiness Patrol)

History Edit

The Kandyman spent most of its time in the Kandy Kitchen. There it prepared a variety of deadly sweets for its role as executioner for the crime of sadness. The sweets were supposed to be so delicious that humans were unable to cope with the pleasure, overloading their senses and killing them.

Kandy Kitchen

When the colonists began to revolt against Helen A's oppression, the Kandyman escaped down a Manhole to the candy pipes and headed from the kitchen to the execution area. There, it was destroyed when its external candy shell was dissolved by a flow of its own strawberry Fondant Surprise from the Kitchen, released by the oppressed Pipe People. (TV: The Happiness Patrol)

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