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Species: Draconian
Place of origin: Draconia

Kaon was a Draconian warrior who joined a coalition of heroes, including the Sixth Doctor, to eliminate the Skeletoids, which were becoming a bigger threat than the Daleks or Cybermen. (COMIC: Frobisher's Story)

During the 82nd century a ship that was carrying Kaon and his wife ran into a meteor field and crashed landed on Actinon. Although Kaon and his wife were the only survivors, he established himself as a warrior and leader of a small group of barbarians on the planet. Kaon fathered a daughter Kara, but his wife died during the childbirth. (COMIC: War-Game)

During the fight against the Skeletoids, Kaon wielded a Shurk'n, a collection of small blades carried by Draconian warriors. (COMIC: The Warrior's Story)

Personality Edit

While Kaon followed Draconian traditions, which regarded females and daughters as of small value, Kaon later changed his ways after seeing his daughter become a "fine son". (COMIC: War-Game)


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