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Karris was a desert world and part of the Karris System in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Astronomy Edit

Karris was one of three planets orbiting a red giant. It had no moons.

Geography Edit

Karris was once a temperate world. However, at some point in its history it was bombarded by solar flares, which turned the world into one of hot, dry and flat orange deserts. It was also plagued by sandstorms, which generated electrostatic interference, making it difficult to transmat to the planet safely or accurately. The planet had a much cooler tunnel system running beneath the deserts, where the native Jaftee had taken residence.

Native life Edit

The planet Karris appeared to have no life on its surface. At the top of the evolutionary ladder on Karris were the Jaftee, a primitive ape-like race that could build simple tools and buildings. (PROSE: Shining Darkness)

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