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Kate Maguire was a companion of the Tenth Doctor. She was a reporter who went undercover into the Hyperville complex.

Biography Edit

First meeting with the Doctor Edit

In 2009 when she was about sixteen, Kate bunked off school with her friend Lisa and went to Hyperville. She met the Tenth Doctor, who gave her a Hyperville card because she would need it in the future.

Second meeting with the Doctor Edit

By 2013, now at twenty Kate had become a journalist. Having heard of strange occurrences in Hyperville she went undercover as an employee of Max Carson, who ran it. She encountered the Doctor and helped him defeat the Nestene Consciousness, the alien behind these occurrences. She and the Doctor, with the help of some others, defeated the Autons. After this had happened, the Doctor departed. (PROSE: Autonomy)

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