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Biological type: Humanoid
Affiliated with: Katurian Empire
Appearance: The Clockwise Man

The Katurians were a race of advanced humanoids. Though humanoid, Katurians did not look especially like humans and required surgery in order to pass themselves off as humans.

History Edit

The Katurians were grouped into the Katurian Empire, an empire led by Shade Vassily. Shade Vassily was a cruel dictator, frequently massacring planets if they questioned his rule. Eventually, a rebellion succeeded and Vassily was overthrown. In their last act before they were overthrown, the Imperial Council exiled Vassily to a primitive planet, Earth, for punishment. They also sent a decoy and guard to confuse any members of the rebellion.

In 1924, the rebellion eventually did track down Shade Vassily in order to deal out more severe punishment. They sent down an agent with several Clockwork Mechanicals, though their information regarding the appearance of humans came from unreliable sources and thus the agent wasn't properly disguised. They were able to detect any advanced technology, though Vassily was also using clockwork technology. After some mistakes, Vassily was eventually killed before he escaped from Earth. (PROSE: The Clockwise Man)

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