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The Kchrusivour were a race of savage planetary invaders who invaded planets and stripped them like a plague of locusts of all their assets, leaving them as barren lifeless worlds.

Profile Edit

Their advanced technologies extended beyond space travel and have been known to include perception filters to mask their arrival on other worlds and deceive others into mistaking them as helpless aliens of no apparent threat. But when they were secure, they were able to activate "Cycobooster" devices hidden in their armour to increase their size and make them an even more formidable invasion force.

An attempt led by General Kornan to invade 23rd century Earth in the by posing as harmless Zonians, was thwarted by the Eleventh Doctor. He reversed and locked their perception filters to lock them into Zonian form. The authorities then took them prisoner. (COMIC: The Kchrusivour Gambit)

Behind the scenes Edit

DWA CS 240 Kchrusivour 2

The Kchrusivour were the winning design in a recent Design a Monster competition by reader Sean Worley. A real life mockup of the creature was made for display at the Doctor Who Experience.

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