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Kel Vorman was a soldier working for Razum Kinzhal.

He was sent back to the 21st century to loot art treasures. He was caught in the Kremlin museum. His travels through time had seriously injured him. Vorman later recovered enough to kidnap Trix and escape custody. They encountered Aphrodite Diamante, who had been looking for the locket Trix had. They were brought by Aphrodite to her planet Paraiso.

When Trix and Aphrodite left for 1812 so they could meet Dusha, Vorman tried to escape again. However, he did not understand how Aphrodite's gateway functioned and arrived in 1812 as well. He found Dusha and tried to kidnap her, since Kinzhal had been trying to find her and Vorman thought he would be rewarded for bringing her to him. Alexander Vishenkov tried to stop him and was killed. This enraged Dusha, and she incinerated Vorman. (PROSE: Emotional Chemistry)

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