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Kemel was a mute Turk employed by Theodore Maxtible.

He was ordered to find and fight Jamie McCrimmon so that the Daleks could learn about the human factor. After Jamie saved his life, he returned the favour and the two became friends. Kemel was a friend of Victoria Waterfield, and the two men tried to rescue her. Working together, they overcame many traps and found Victoria.

A Dalek ordered Kemel to take Victoria through their time machine, which led to Skaro. They were made prisoners of the Daleks and used as bait to lure the Second Doctor to them. When the humanised Daleks began to fight the other Daleks, the humans escaped, but a Dalekised Maxtible fought with Kemel near a precipice. Maxtible, now with super-human strength, forced Kemel off the precipice. Kemel fell to his death. (TV: The Evil of the Daleks)

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