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Kenny was a school boy who wasn't very popular with the other students at Deffry Vale High School.

For medical reasons, Kenny was not allowed to eat chips and so was unaffected by the Krillitane oil and was not forced to work on the Krillitane plan to solve the Skasis Paradigm. Kenny told Mickey Smith about the possessed children. Mickey agreed to help, and crashed his car into the building. Kenny helped the Tenth Doctor and his friends escape the Krillitanes when he realised that, bat-like in their natural form, they wouldn't like loud noises, so he set off the school fire alarms. Later with the school blown up, he was hailed as a hero by Melissa and the other students for his involvement in the day's events. (TV: School Reunion) Repercussions of the event may have gotten Kenny into trouble with the police, as all the students were shouting and cheering that Kenny blew up the school.

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