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Kent was a county that Ben Jackson and the Seventh Doctor both described as "the garden of England." (AUDIO: The Mouthless Dead; PROSE: Transit) Smithwood Manor (the Doctor's house) on Allen Road was in Kent, as was the Pinehill Crest Hotel. (PROSE: Verdigris, AUDIO: The Shadow of the Scourge)

A group of Daleks once landed in Kent as an advance guard for an invasion. They were thwarted by a mole. (PROSE: The Small Defender)

In 1895, Lord Jack Corrigan resided in Kent. (AUDIO: Destination: Nerva)

In November 1920, the Second Doctor, Ben, Polly Wright and Jamie McCrimmon visited Kent. (AUDIO: The Mouthless Dead)

Another group of Daleks, who crashed after their ship's systems were damaged, hid underwater in Kent while they were on a mission called the Dalek Project. (COMIC: The Dalek Project)

Starship UK had a Kent tower. (TV: The Beast Below)

Behind the scenes Edit

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