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Killing Ground (novel)

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Killing Ground
Doctor: Sixth Doctor
Companion(s): Grant
Main enemy: The Cybermen
Main setting: Mars orbit, 2100
Agora, 2191
Key crew
Publisher: Virgin Books
Writer: Steve Lyons
Release details
Release number: 23
Release date: 20 June 1996
Format: Paperback Book, 256 Pages
ISBN 0-426-20474-3
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Virgin Missing Adventures
The Sands of Time The Scales of Injustice
Killing Ground was the twenty-third novel in the Virgin Missing Adventures series. It was written by Steve Lyons. It featured the Sixth Doctor, and it featured Grant Markham in his second and final appearance in a novel. This is the only Missing Adventures novel to feature the Cybermen, and it is only one of two novels published under Virgin Publishing's control of the Doctor Who licence.

Publisher's summary

"Imagine that you can live forever and life is totally free from pain. You can see all things with clarity, unblinkered by irrelevant details. You will never fear, never sicken, never lose control. That is what the Cybermen are offering."

The Doctor takes his new companion, Grant, back home to Agora — only to find a world in the thrall of some of his oldest and deadliest foes.

The Cybermen have taken control and set up a breeding colony to propagate their own race. While the Doctor languishes in a cell at the mercy of the sadistic Overseers, Grant joins up with a group of rebels and works on a desperate rescue bid.

With time running out, the rebels move into action. But will their solution prove more deadly than the problem itself?


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Biologically modified species


  • Hegelia is an expert on Cyberhistory. She is one of the most respected ArcHivists from the ArcHive.
  • ArcHivist Hegelia undergoes the Cyber-conversion process to satisfy her curiosity about what the process feels like.
  • Cybermen are CyberNomads who were affected by the war with Voga and consequently have more organic components than any other model since the CyberMondasians.

The Doctor

  • The Doctor contemplates suicide.
  • The Doctor spends weeks in the TARDIS recovering from radiation poisoning sustained on board the Selacian warcraft.




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