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Kimo Ani was a human who lived on Earth after it had been ravaged by the Pararachnids.

Like the other humans who survived the attack, Kimo Ani was attached to the Line in suspended animation, and was fed and exercised by the Monitors in the tunnels under the Earth's surface. One day he was awoken by a tiny ship of Wibliwee who had been stranded on Earth. They convinced him to take their ship to the surface.

On the surface, Kimo Ani encountered the Sixth Doctor and Peri. Frightened, he threw the Wibliwee ship at them and took off running. The Doctor followed him, while Peri retrieved the ship. They caught up to Kimo Ani, but the Doctor and Kimo Ani were captured by Pararachnids while Peri was captured by Monitors.

The Doctor and Kimo Ani escaped from the Pararachnids and returned to the tunnels, where Peri had been taken. They rescued the humans from attacking Pararachnoids, and the Doctor, Peri and the Wibliwee left Earth to Kimo Ani and the recovering humans. (PROSE: Moon Graffiti)

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