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Kin was an ape that lived during the time of the arrival of Earth's moon.

The Silurian scientist Nagara studied ape intelligence. When he captured Kin in the wild, the ape was injured and had to be bandaged. Kin kept his bandage as a headband to identify him to the other apes as the group's leader. Nagara locked the apes up separately at night to make them feel safe, failing to notice Kin and a female ape trying to reach out to each other. In their last meeting, Nagara told Kin that he would miss him most of all, a feeling he mistakenly believed was mutual.

During a visit from Velk, a member of the Scientific Council, Kin touched Velk's arm. The disgusted Silurian burned him with his third eye. Nagara disciplined Kin with what he felt was the compassionate way, by beating him repeatedly with a stick. During Nagara's absence, his assistant Guruz beat the apes and pulled the headband down over Kin's eyes. Lashing out, the blindfolded Kin managed to strangle Guruz. He became fascinated with the idea of a blindfold.

When Nagara returned to release the apes, Kin organised the apes into performing the tricks Nagara had taught them. Nagara sat down and Kin offered him a crown of vines. A stone embedded in the crown blocked Nagara's third eye. Defenceless, he was grabbed by the apes and beaten with sticks. (COMIC: Twilight of the Silurians)