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Species: Human
Affiliated with: The Forge
Appearance: Project Valhalla
You may be looking for James T. Kirk.

Private Kirk was a soldier who worked for the Forge. He was involved in Project: Vahalla.

In late 2001, after Mark Bradley was killed by Cassandra Schofield, Lysandra Aristedes ordered Kirk to help Private Buchanan carry the corpse in a stretcher into the Forge Alpha Facility. He was relieved to be assigned a task that got him away from the situation.

A while later, Kirk travelled to Finland when the Forge detected that Nyathoggoth's prison ship had crashed in the Laplands. After she discovered Iver Dunjfeld, a native boy who had not yet been affected by the radiation from the ship, Aristedes ordered Kirk to guard the boy in a level three quarantine. While in quarantine, Iver mutated into a vicious zombie and broke out. He broke Kirk's neck and tore out the back of his head. (PROSE: Project: Valhalla)

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