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Biological type: Teleporting felines
Affiliated with: Cheetah People, the Master
Place of origin: Cheetah World
Notable individuals: Shadow
First seen in: Survival
Appearances: TV: Survival,
PROSE: First Frontier

The kitlings were cat-like aliens from the Cheetah World.

Biology Edit

Kitlings resembled large black house cats with yellow eyes. The kitlings could teleport from planet to planet like the Cheetah People, although it seemed the kitlings did not have the Cheetah People's limitations as far as having to have a link with a planet in order to travel there. (TV: Survival) One Kitling could travel through time as well as space. (PROSE: First Frontier)

Whether all Kitlings possessed this ability, or if it was somehow granted to Shadow by the Master, is unknown.

The Kitlings were scavengers that used their powers to find carrion on different planets. The Cheetah People could also telepathically control the kitlings and could see through their eyes. They used the kitlings to find new sources of food, while the kitlings fed off the scraps. (TV: Survival)

History Edit


Kitling glaring at the Doctor in front of the Perivale youth centre in 1989. (TV: Survival)

The kitlings were bred by an unknown civilisation on the Cheetah People's planet for spying purposes, though that civilisation eventually collapsed.

In 1989 the Master used them to take humans from Earth to the Cheetah World so that he could bond with them and use them to escape the planet. Most of their work was performed in the north-west London village of Perivale. Some remained on Earth, while others escaped to other planets after the Cheetah World was destroyed. (TV: Survival)

The Master managed to escape Cheetah World through the use of a Kitling he called "Shadow". (PROSE: First Frontier)

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