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The Knights of Jeneve was a military organisation dedicated to the preservation of human knowledge.

When Vazlor Baygent became President of Earth in the third quarter of the 23rd century. Still recovering from a series of interstellar wars, Baygent believed that humanity could still encounter greater threats in the future. To prepare for the potential dark ages that could result, he had databases created with as much of scientific and cultural information as possible. Baygent gave the care of these databases to an existing organisation which he rechartered as the Knight of Geneva. Over time the name became slightly corrupted until by the 26th century they were known as the Knights of Jeneve. (PROSE: Dragon's Wrath)

After the President's assassination, the Knights also had another purpose; the achievement of the Baygent Apotheosis. This was the resurrection of Baygent using memories retained in encoded DNA patterns. Chris Cwej, a descendant of Baygent, was eventually chosen. However, his body bepple and latent psychic powers made him unsuitable. (PROSE: Deadfall)

Behind the scenes Edit

Regarding the collection of knowledge, the novel states that Baygent "entrusted its completion and protection to an existing scientific-military organisation which was at once seen as independent yet tied to political powers." This is likely a reference to UNIT, but not made explicit due to copyright issues.

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