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Knosson was a planet in a trinary star system apparently without a native sapient species. Ral Shannon, a human ADF pilot, was marooned there when his ship crash landed after a Dalek attack. He eked out survival for three years before the Daleks returned. Defeating this second Dalek attack party gave Shannon access to the Dalek ship, and a way off the planet. However, upon realising he would be a hero back at ADF headquarters and his life would change as a result, Shannon decided to blow up the Dalek ship and remain marooned on Knosson. This decision arguably changed Knosson's status from "uninhabited" to "population: 1".

Flora and fauna Edit

Despite the lack of sentient life forms, Shannon found the planet to have abundant flora and fauna. It had deep forests. Shannon found that some of its flora bore edible fruits. It had many large, predatory animals, as well as wasp-like insects, but Shannon had not bothered to name any of them.

Geology Edit

Knosson was a geologically active planet with what Shannon called "volcanoes", but were more likely vents — small holes in the earth that would unexpectedly spew lava. The planet had bodies of water, as well as lakes of deadly acid. (PROSE: The Castaway)

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