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Kode was the result of Fitz Kreiner having his personality (and whole state of being) copied into a Remembrance Tank when he joined Faction Paradox.

Kode was created when Fitz Kreiner was re-remembered throughout the time it took the Anathema to travel to Earth through space (the trip taking two centuries), "Kode" becoming his name due to Fitz's nickname of "Code-Boy" after he showed a knack for the computer programming required to maintain Anathema. Some of Fitz's personality traits had come through the process, allowing the Eighth Doctor to recognise him as Fitz or his descendant. Like all members of the Remote, he was open to all signals, including the Doctor's TARDIS', which made him more open to the Doctor's cause. Either through these signals, or Kode's wish for the Doctor to restore him to whom he had been, Fitz Kreiner was re-re-remembered using a remembrance tank and the TARDIS' memories of him. Kode preferred not to remain as himself as he would always be left wondering how he compared to the "original" Fitz. To the Doctor, who assumed the original Fitz was dead, Kode was Fitz in every way that mattered, even if he wasn't the "original" Fitz, recognising that a man was the sum of his memories and everyone changed over time. Following this experience, "Kode" essentially ceased to exist, although the Fitz that resulted from the re-remembrance retained some vague memories of his time as Kode that impacted who he was now. (PROSE: Interference - Book One, Interference - Book Two)

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