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You may be looking for Katuria.

Koturia was the home planet of the Koturians, a humanoid species with a wide variety of hair colours. Many other species also inhabited the planet. [who?]

Early Koturian explorers visited Earth in the late 20th century and were charmed by the glitz of Las Vegas, as well as its economic potential. They physically modelled their civilisation after Las Vegas, making Koturia another New Vegas, closer to the original if you discard the fact that Pterodactyls are much less common in Nevada.

Peri Brown stated that one of Koturia's hotel and casino complexes looked exactly like a hotel and casino in Vegas called the Sahara. Koturia was also famous for its weddings, but unlike its inspiration, it was considered "the height of romance", according to the Sixth Doctor. It was one of the wealthiest planets in the solar system and species came from far and wide to make their fortunes and get married. (PROSE: Something Borrowed)

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