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Affiliated with: Skagra
Appearances: HOMEVID: Shada, WC: Shada, AUDIO: Shada PROSE: Shada
Krargs were creatures made of crystallised coal. They were large, strong, semi-intelligent lumbering creatures with vivid red eyes. They were able to withstand high amounts of energy and could burn with a touch. When more Krargs were needed, they were created in large vats of heavy green gases that solidified coal over a skeleton. They had space carriers with smaller ships that could possibly become invisible.

They were used by Skagra as his own personal army. (HOMEVID: Shada / WC: Shada / AUDIO: Shada)

Delegates representing the Krargs attended the Armageddon Convention at Laputa in 1609. (PROSE: The Empire of Glass)


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