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Krulius' spaceship

Krulius' starship (COMIC: Return of the Krulius)

The Krulius had a secret starship, which was hidden behind a force warp in orbit.

On his space ship he kept clone samples of all the aliens that he had captured before. These clone samples allowed him to grew perfect copies of alien species he requires, all completely under his power. The copies of these aliens he kept in data-pods on the space ship. There was a teleport chamber.

Rani Chandra was teleportet onto the spaceship in 2009, after she clicked a strange item on her computer. She escaped the Krulius and the Urglanic Shapeshifters who were working for the Krulius and got into the teleport chamber. She teleportet herself to the attic of 13 Bannerman Road (COMIC: Return of the Krulius)

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