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Ship of Fools Krylic the Poet

Krylic the poet. (COMIC: Ship of Fools)

Krylic was a passenger on board the cruiser ship Flying Dutchman II. Hidden by a time warp that looked like a miasmic cloud, they found Kroton the Cyberman drifting lifelessly through space. Kroton was taken aboard and recharged by the passengers (including Krylic, Rolf, Willoughby, Leonart and Cassandra). All of them were caught in a timeless existence, bored and seeking a release. Kroton offered to help them and reactivated the robot pilot to take them to a nearby planet and breaking the time warp. Unfortunately they had been trapped 628 years and rapidly aged to death. Kroton was once again drifting alone in space. (COMIC: Ship of Fools)

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